Mute Listener

Hi @uninen I needed to mute someone (First time Ever) but it didn’t seem to mute them from chat area or stream. They could still message in chat. Without dropping a name, the person wanted to advertise the fact they we’re starting a stream and requesting others join him on his adhoc stream as i had a temporary glitch with my stream. I use etiquette when on others streams and wouldn’t dream of doing the same and advertising my show during someone elses set, especially creating an adhoc show on the cuff because someone suffers a glitch on theirs.




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Sorry I didn’t notice your message before. If this is still true, it’s a high prio bug that will be fixed soon. I just muted someone a couple of days ago, at least then it worked like it should. But there might be some corner cases with the new mobile views and such that might not work as expected. Anyway, this is on the list now.

All crowd control features should work on both new and old live pages but at the moment the admin controls are only on the old side.