Multiple Streaming Options (Restreaming)

Hey Uninen. I was wondering if you had any info on being able to Stream to other platforms. I’d like to multicast to FB Live and a few others if possible. I see this is possible through ReStream platform, but they also want a monthly fee to stream to more than one. Is this something I can do with Slipmat as I’m not seeing that anywhere. Thanks.

This is something we’re wanting to experiment with the new Frankie Pro streamers but at the moment there is no support for this with Slipmat streamers.

After we get the basic stuff running with the new streamers, we’ll probably open up an open beta test for any pro subscribers to test it out so keep an eye on the upcoming announcements here on Backstage :slight_smile:

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Can Re streams be achieved for free by just just running two devices with video mixer


wondering if you have restreaming lined up on the development schedule? or if not any timeline on considering it?

i’m loving the stability of the streams with the Frankie Pro… but im being asked to push my feed to different platforms, and while i can push to facebook and slipmat at the same time via OBS, it would be a great feature to add to to be able to push direct to facebook Twitch, Mixcloud, ListenIn.

Would also be a positive on the sales front to have as a feature so folks might move to and not need their Restream/Slipstream subscriptions but replace with a subscription instead.

Frankie Pro restreaming is in active testing right now for a few brave alpha testers. The current system is not very easy to use as everything needs to be assigned manually, but it has been working exactly as stable as all Frankie streams so far. Feel free to PM me if you want to join testing.

The restreaming functionality will be pretty high on the prio for the new v3 platform, which means that after we get to open beta in few weeks, we’ll probably have a concrete plan for making it happen :slight_smile:

Out of interest, who want’s you to stream on multiple platforms? Do you actually have listeners who prefer something other than a dedicated music streaming platform for enjoying music?

(I know most random listeners are lazy and don’t know better but don’t personally know anyone who would prefer the experience of worse quality over a dedicated experience of any of the current DJ streaming platforms.)