More info for DJs about first ever Slipmat Festival

Hi Everyone

It’s been a big job but we’ve now allocated provisional DJ set times for the Festival.

All DJs nominated for playing should be receiving a DM from their artist manager giving details of these times. Please confirm to them once you have seen this and agreed with the times.

Posters will be available soon for promotion and you should start creating your events for the Festival according to your time slot.

If would be preferable to make this an exclusive streaming event but we understand if people want to stream to other platforms for this event. In future it may be a precondition for taking part.

It looks like this is going to be an awesome event in these trying times, so thanks to everyone for taking part so far and looking forward a weather proof festival this weekend!

I just noticed that my slot is out of my requested slot times. Also big group of DJ’s doesn’t have access to the backstage questions about the festival thread. Including me.

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Well spotted, my mistake, I’ve moved you an hour earlier does that work?

All questions can re Festival can be answered here now.