Logic 10.5 Released

This has been waited for almost two years now! The new update looks pretty dope, got to play with it last night for a few hours. This is going to make all kinds of DJ edits and remakes so much easier to do now and there is a really nice midi-controllable FX UI for iOS devices as well – multi-touch fx ftw!

The update free for existing users and there is now a 90-day trial available from the app store if you haven’t yet got down to this particular rabbit hole.

…had to post this just in case someone in the future wonders why I haven’t been around for weeks :thinking:


looks like they’ve integrated some ableton features?

Not that familiar with Ableton but been using Logic myself since the 90s when it was still Emagic Logic and available only for PCs. Back then you also needed this crappy usb dongle for activation. And the sw costed more than average house. Now the whole package (with a lot more content) is 200 USD!

Anyways the new samplers (well, the second one is essentially the original EXS24 with just a new skin) are a welcoming feature and now there is also a really nice step sequencer which together with live loops bring some totally new workflows to Logic. I appreciate how Apple has stuck to their way of stealing and implementing old ideas in a slow enough schedule that allows them to build them right and with their own take on it.

Also the current price is insanely low. With Behringer producing affordable new remakes of old classic kit faster than you can refresh their product page this is truly a great time for music makers :slight_smile: