Let's talk about Music!

We all come from different backgrounds, countries and experiences :alien:.

:partying_face: Music unite us, but of course we all have different preferences.

Let’s talk about that, I’m interested in viewing your thoughts!

  • Who is your favorite music producer? Why?
  • And your favorite DJ? Of course, it can be or not the same as the music producer, but… different topic
  • What music genres influenced you the most?

I’ll start with Music Production.

  • It’s hard for me to decide one. Maybe KSHMR. And it’s funny because Big Room is not my favorite style, but he has a very unique touch integrating energy, ethnics, and great musical structure. Also when you listen to him in some of the many podcast or videos or free masterclasses that he has given, you realize he is very “normal”, not acting like a TOP star, and he has a good musical knowledge that guides him creating melodies.
  • Camelphat are incredible also to me. They create some deep-trance-House tunes that really get deep on me.
  • As a Future House enthusiast, I also feel attracted by Oliver Heldens art.

What about you?

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