Issue with is account being made

My IT guy is having issue with is account being made, keeps sending him back to the make account screen. Switched his VPN to try around it and it says his email already has an account but can not get to log in screen.

Just fill and save the account and you’re done.

There are tens of new accounts being created every day, I’m pretty sure there are no issues with the main workflow.

If there is, try using proper browser like Firefox and with desktop instead of mobile If there is an issue with email, that can be bypassed by registering via Google or FB account instead of plain email.

He is using a desktop to make the account, sent him the email to verify but then sends him back to the create account page

So create the profile and press save?

He did and it keeps going back to this, maybe cause he uses VPN?

Or says account already to this email, but wont log in

No it’s probably nothing to do with VPN. Let me check the logs if there are any automatically reported issues there.

Ok thank you sir, sorry to be a pain

He is using Chrome for Browser

It’s OK, if this is a bug, it’s good to find them :slight_smile:

I found a recent entry in our logs that might have something to do with this. I’ll check it out right now.

Thank you again for all you do here

@Rose_City_DL I’ve pushed a quick fix to a problem I might have created earlier today that affects new profile creation. Try again now :slight_smile:

Will do sir thank you, I have a bunch ready to sign up as listeners and will have them sign up tomorrow, thanks. I will be ready to do test run, doing one now seems ok, just wanted my IT guy to see the stream from his spot to give feedback