Issue with bulletin tab

I just trried to creat a Bulletin Tab, but when I save the event it vanishes. Is there anything I can do to make it stay?

You mean after you save the event and edit it, it’s no longer there? And/or it doesn’t up on the live event page?

It obviously should not do that but bulletins are per-event only so the data is only tied to one event.

There indeed was a horrendous bug with the event form and bulletin tab – it has now been fixed. Thanks for reporting it! :+1:

I’ve also asked the poor monkey who coded the thing to report to me immediately for some serious talks about code quality. In fact, I think he’ll be sacked.

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Thanks for fixing it! :slight_smile: :+1:

Who was the poor monkey? Yourself? :laughing:

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Due to very strict policies against whistleblowers in our sweatshop I’m afraid I can’t disclose that information.

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