Invalid video URL?

OK, so I got my streaming key, and I wanted to test a stream using slipmat’s native streaming, but when I went to set up the event, my URL didn’t work. I typed in the URL according to the given format but I keep getting “invalid video url”. Can you help? By the way, this is what I entered:

The URL is valid, it should work. Tested it with my account and the validation was successful, no idea why it didn’t work for you.

Maybe try refreshing your browser, make sure you don’t have any adblockers or similar triggering on the event creation page (there are no ads nor anything spying you there but these thins sometimes malfunction) and then try again. Also try a different browser (Firefox is the only officially supported one but Chrome should work also). Generally, doing a full force refresh manually sorts most of these random things out.

I’ll test this out in development environment with your profile and if there’s a bug here, then I’ll file a ticket for it. Thanks for the report!

Ah, I do have an adblocker, maybe that’s it, I’ll try that

Again, there are no ads or similar shady content on Slipmat but some blockers/privacy extensions sometimes have false positives. I’m pretty sure that’s not it, tho.

Dunno if that was it or refreshing it was it, but it seems to be working now, thanks!

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Ok, cool! :+1: