In test mode, problem with: new version of this live page


If i click In test mode on: Psst! Check out the new version of this live page It works especially well with mobile devices.

i get a page without video/chat/ect.
i use Virtual DJ
Put: Event video URL: in your system where i plan the event.

Is it a bug?
Do i something wrong?
Is it not possible in a test mode?

The same to me. I cannot see the new mobile version in Test/Private shows.

It appears empty as you are showing

I use OBS by the way

This is an old feature that was mentioned in the latest release notes. The fix seems not to work with the latest upgrade so I reopened the issue. This isn’t a very high prio but it’ll get fixed soon.

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Of course, no prio. Just feedback. I found other things. I’ll report them here as soon as I can. No major issues also. Thanks!!

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