In Backlog: Live event notifications

Would it be possible to get a service on the slipmat where I would get a notification in e-mail whenever any dj is live through the service?
Maybe some setting option that no notices will come in the middle of the night in my time-zone :slight_smile:

You can already subscribe to notifications about specific events from their page by clicking “Subscribe notifications” -button.

I created ticket #196 “Subscribe to event notifications of a given DJ” for the more useful part where you’d like to know actions of some spesific DJ. We’ll put this ticket into the next sprint! :slight_smile:

How about in-site notifications about anything?

In-site notification are something that I’ve been thinking about since our upcoming tech stack would allow it easily. I don’t, however, have a clear idea of what kind of notifications would be good to have locally – do you have any specific ideas?

  1. When DJ’s we are following going live on air.
  2. When someone is following us.
  3. When DJ’s we are following are creating events and other actions of them.
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Good suggestions! I added a ticket of this (Ticket #206) so it will be followed.

This won’t be something we’ll touch in next 1-2 sprints, but very much relevant right after those when we probably implement native (desktop and mobile) notifications, too. So this would be on top of them, ie. if you’re online, you’d get a on-site notification, and if not, you’d get normal native notification (if you have subscribed to them).