In Backlog: Ignore functionality to private messages (Issue #172)

Following future will be requested

Priority: Low
Concerns: Ignore user option
Description: Additionaly button or/and chat command /ignore nickname will hide messages from selected user in event chat window and drop PM from that user

Well, /unignore option can be implemented as well :smiley:

it’s already there … it’s simply same as mute, then the user isn’t able to chat anymore

I think that this means private chats, which is a good idea.

Well, mute option can use event sheriff only for mute some users, but ignore option will allow other users to hide unwanted chat messages from other user and prevent the PM spam, which is the main goal of it.

wait so every time i want to pm someone i need to type /nickname and the spacebar and type what i want?
Just want to be clear so i don’t say somthing to the wrong guys hahaha

Normally you need to type /msg nickname and then start conversation.