Improvement Suggestion: Button to Insert my Frankie URL in a new Event


when I creat a new event on Slipmat I have to insert the Stream-URL everytime. It would be nice if there where a butto which would automatically insert my Frankie-Stream-URL. If I would want to use a different Streamservice like restream or whatever I can still copy it into th e event.
I know its just a few clicks which shouldn’t be a pain in the a… but reducing them to just one click would be lovely!


Is this not an option in your DJ profile? You can enter your default streamer URL there and it will prepopulate every event.


Stupid me! Just checked my profil and I ignored that field everytime I looked into my profil. Darn!

Thank you for putting me back onto tracks. :wink:


Thanks both @Stefan for asking this and @FidgetStudios for posting the reply. Been wondering this myself. :slight_smile:

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