Helpppppppppppppppppp me please

folks looking for some help, i have been using slipmatt only and embedding that stream on my website thanks to antti he made up some code and helped me embed it and it looked and worked great, i have not changed any setting etc yet the video thats embededin my website isnt working ? any ideas

the video on my web page used to have a play button hen i was live and you just pressed it and it joined the feed but now the screen is black with a line across it ? . any help would be really helpful as im fucking clueless with this side of the shit antti was really good and helped me with a little code and it workded amazingly well but i cant seem to get hold of him and i think his sever ws causing problems


Hey man, not sure you ever got this sorted, but I suspect the reason it stopped working is because your friend used embedded credentials or session keys for the viewer. You can’t view a slipmat stream unless you are a logged in listener, so anonymous viewers to your website were assuming one single “listener user” on slipmat’s side to view it.

Pretty sure that would be noticed almost immediately as abnormal in any log views or dashboards on slipmat’s side. Might want to check with them about doing embedding and if that is even feasible.

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Embedding Slipmat streams is not officially supported as it involves dealing with some serious security issues that affect how the streams can be delivered (and distributed through CDNs etc). To be clear: you are 100% free to embed any streams as you like, it’s just not officially supported and there will be no documentation or development efforts to support you at the moment.

A higher paid tier with Slipmat3 will have this feature, so you might want to keep your eyes on that development, though :slight_smile: