Help with first Live Stream.....Video drag not sure what to change

Hey guys. Trying my first live stream and the video has a huge lag and jumpy. Using OBS with Virtual DJ. Any hints on setting changes to help this issue? Thanks.

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can you post what settings you used and what bit rate OBS is saying you are getting?

Good to see you got logged in and are up and running.

Hi Vinnie, are you running OBS & VDJ on the same rig / laptop by any chance?

Hey guys. Actually found a better way. Virtual DJ will stream direct without needing OBS. Granted I can’t have a video window for me, but all else works and the video stream looks great. Will go live again today at 5pm.


Is there a way to stream from scratch live?

as for me, I prefer to use another soundcard only for sound capture. it’s because OBS can’t do ASIO (Windows users know what it is) and ASIO is important for me in Traktor, cause it has the smallest delay and I like to do rhytmic crossfading or scratching. So I physically route audio from Pioneer sound output to another soundcard which I use for OBS. Complicated, but I can do the things like I do in clubs

And I guess that’s the safest way to run the show on the same Windows computer. Because in the DJ software you wanna make the latency as little as possible. And if the streamer software uses the same sound device, it can cause glitches and cracks. BTW, I did not know that VirtualDJ has the streaming option built in, one day I’ll check it out!) And as for Serato, Traktor, Mixxx, I’d use the second soundcard option.
Not sure about the Mac machines, maybe their sound architecture can use one sound device for all.