Help wanted: need examples of LARGE song libraries

Hello Slipmat DJs!

Current request system can only handle about 30-40k songs without problems. (The UI chokes with much smaller numbers, that’s why it’s currently intentionally limited to smaller uploads.) In order to make the system much better, we’re now looking for examples of very large libraries (w/ 100k+ songs) that we could test in development.

If you have Rekordbox, Traktor or Serato library that has over 100k tunes and would like to help, please leave a comment here and we’ll contact you privately. Thanks! :slight_smile:

hey… i use traktor and my collection.nml file is around 121 mb in size if you want to take a look. 66,499 tracks.

Sorry for the slow reply,

That would be really helpful! If you can upload it to somewhere (like DropBox) and send me the link (you can pm me here), I’d really appreciate the help :slight_smile: