Guest listeners

Can you not make it so listeners/guests can view live feeds and be able to comment without having to register? A lot of people wont register so you lose listeners. I have not myself gone live yet, anticipate doing so in New Year, but think it would be better, forcing sign up is never good, making it optional will gain more sign ups I think

Would spam comments not be a big concern if unregistered listeners were allowed to comment?

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You can watch the streams without registering, but for participating in chat you must register. I think it’s a good thing, less spam and harassment this way.
And nowadays you must register to everywhere, people are used to it…


I have to agree. And I’d, personally (for whatever it’s worth), rather keep things small and non-spammy.

I agree with frohike. It’s ok to give non-registered persons to watch stream but I also prefer that in order to comment, you must register.