Guardian mentions!

Congrats on getting mentioned by the UK’s Guardian as competition for Boiler Room!


That’s awesome! :slight_smile: I wish they would’ve used a link, tho :smiley: As for the piece itself;

Translating the raucous energy of a cutting-edge set from the live event itself to an audience watching online may seem an unlikely proposition

It’s an interesting thing the online DJ set experience. It’s definitely not the same as going to a club and dancing the night away, but it can be just as exciting in a different way. We want to build Slipmat to support that special experience where you can enjoy a DJ set with a global community of friends :slight_smile: In my opinion it’s as important to think about the listener experience as it is to keep innovating with DJ-focused features. We want Slipmat to be your favourite place on the Web to hang out with your music loving friends :slight_smile: