Getting booted off for no activity

Hi Uninen.
I joined the Slipmat DJ community a few weeks ago and have spent many, many, many hours since then trying to get my streaming up and running. But Murphy has been on my back and I have been having a ridiculously number of issues from hardware not being compatible, Software conflicts, and even picked up a nasty virus whilst trying to resolve some of these issues, resulting in a full wipe of my hard drive. Anyway, Most of these problems lay with me and my equipment. I am also experiencing internet upload speeds that are too slow.
Anyway, I think the universe is telling me to step away and get this shit sorted out first.
Due to the lock down, I can’t get the modem upgraded for over a month. There are no webcams on any shelf anywhere. Any other camera hardware is like hens teeth at the moment, and so on.

Therefore, can I postpone my DJ profile for the next month or so? I don’t want to get booted off for no activity, as I am very keen to be part of Slipmat.

Regards. Hamish.

Don’t worry about it, we’re not currently doing anything that relies on all DJs being vigilantly around. As a matter a fact, most of our DJs are somewhat lazy and that’s totally understandable.

Some of the wording in the beta documentation related to this comes from our earlier testing programs where we were actively testing things like Frankie to get them working. We now have a luxury of more active DJs so everything regarding the development is easier as well :slight_smile:

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