Freestyle, is it still in the mix in your area?

Anybody into or play any Freestyle? ie: George Lamond, Cynthia, Tka etc… It’s just one genres that’s still hot in Chicago,IL. How about your area?


Not come across freestyle before, but looking it up was into Shannon back in the day, is this freestyle?

I first used to play Northern Soul back in the 80s then got into Modern Soul again in the 80’s some of these tracks I now know were played at the Paradise Garage back then and probably lots of other places. Loads of 7" vinyl Soul was brought back from the States to the UK particularly by a John Anderson who used to crate dig and then sell via record lists in the UK. Some of this stuff that used to go for a couple of quid now fetches hundreds of pounds, sometimes thousands.

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Yeah Dr., Shannon is considered one of the pioneers in the Freestyle Genre. :sunglasses::+1:

Wow, Paradise Garage?! That’s awesome! Hope you still have your collection from back in the day. I do. My collection was a mess until I invested in some shelving a few years back.

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I did sell some but still have loads left and have bough some back that I sold!
Shelving is a must! :joy:

Yes… I have been playing Freestyle for a long time classic jams and recently some new ones that have been released. Looking forward to doing more shows on slipmat. possibly a big move from where i was streaming before.

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Good to see you get up and running today :+1:

Yeah, my boy Jessee B. (Formerly of Legacy) has a recent freestyle track.

I’m still looking for an invite to spin :sunglasses::+1:t2:

I still play freestyle, this is probably still popular in my country, and its awesome to see peoples who appreciate that

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Hello Family,

I still play Freestyle. I live in San Jose, Cali and it’s still big. Folks out here still dig it!!!

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