Frankie Trial Server limitations

I’m about to set up a test event and was wondering about the limitations of the trial server. Can we set up the trial server to run 1920x1080 5M video, 320 audio or do we need to limit it to the 720p 3.5M, 320 option?

That’s a good question and not yet properly documented.

The current trial servers run the previous setup which limits the output to 720p 2.5M 30fps, 320 audio.

We should probably change the setup to remove the trial encoder altogether and change the authentication so that you could stream to Pro, Rockstar and Superstar encoders (at least in some limited way) with the identical settings so you could test the system easier.

Still, the recommended video size for any encoder is 720p just because it’s easier for our still very low-powered servers and produces best and most stable video. (If we at some point get to over 100% funding with the encoders, our first upgrade will be beefier servers for the encoders that can better handle higher bitrates. At the moment we’re unfortunately quite far from that.)

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