Fixed: Some Facebook pages not accepted in artist profile

For some reason, when I edit my artist profile, it won’t accept my Facebook Page URL. It just keeps saying: “Not a valid Facebook Page. This field is for Facebook Pages only. [E02]”

This is an issue with Facebook itself and unfortunately there seems to be nothing to fix this before they fix their own API :frowning:

Some technical background

The reason for the rigorous validation of the FB page URL is because we use Facebook API to get public data from the page (for example like count). This data can only be collected via the API and for some reason a small number of proper and normal FB pages just doesn’t work with the API.

You can check the status of your page by going here and browsing to Graph API Explorer: When you then query for a page and country_page_likes you’ll get the page ID and number of likes. Or not. If you don’t there’s – as far as I know – nothing I can done (except for looking alternative, unsupported and/or third party ways to get the same data).

Here’s an example from working page:


And here’s another from non-working (but yet normal and proper page):


I would contact Facebook support and ask about this as it obviously is a bug in their API.

As the statistics are the very core feature of Slipmat, we won’t change the API use unless we find a better alternative that allows the same functionality (preferably with also option to ask and allow write-access to given pages which we have currently).

Edit: I added Ticket #208 to follow this issue. It’s marked as a bug so it’s automatically higher priority than anything else so we’ll revisit it with each sprint from now on.

Ok, thanks. I’ve contacted Facebook Support and let’s see what they respond.

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A quick follow-up on this: I’ve found a better way to query for stats with and without asking for page permissions using newer version of the Facebook API. We’ll include a fix for this issue as soon as possible! (Probably in the next megarelease)

Excellent! FB hasn’t responded to my feedback.

This has been now fixed in Beta 19.