Fixed: Registering with Google Account causes redirect loop

I initially tried registering by using “Log In with Google” however this caused a redirect loop between setting a password and filling out my account information. Had to clear my cache and create a new account with just email and password :frowning:

Hi mate!

Sorry for the bad first experience.

What you experienced is not a “loop” but a forced redirect for anyone who don’t have a password set. Ie the redirect happens only once if you set your password. If you try to navigate away without setting one, it just throws you back. It’s very important to have it for security purposes. The wording on the redirect page is probably bad, but I’m pretty sure it works as intended.

You can also attach a third-party login after your normal registration as well, so you can still use whatever method for login you like in the future (as long as you have your password set).

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Hello again!

Just wanted to first apologise, there indeed was a redirect-loop caused by an upgraded login process by the third-party redirect. Our testing system somehow didn’t follow those loops so it didn’t fail. We’ve also gotten other logins where people register first and then add their third-party logins so the numbers kept raising and the problem was hidden from the logs, too.

Again, very sorry about that, it has been now fixed. Special thanks also to @DiizeiEsc for reporting the issue.

We’ll learn from this and put better controls in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.