Fixed: no video shown on Stream Now events

I’m not if you’re able to actually see a preview of your stream video or not in the chat room, but it did not show up for me throughout my entire set. Once again, I don’t actually know if you’re able to preview it at all.

Hi mate! In general, if you dont see the video working 100% correct in the preview screen, it is not working for anyone, hence the “if you dont see working preview, do not start the event” -screen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look! Could you please post some additional info about your event like date/time, was it normal or stream now event and which engine/video url did you use? These will make the debugging way easier and faster - thanks!

Also sorry for the bad first experience!

There can be some bug with Youtube/Chew videos. In last 2 days have been 2 events without video and events have been running with Youtube+Chew streams. I had to end events from admin panel.

I just re-tested three normal events with YouTube, Chew and RTMP engines, all worked as expected.

If you have more issues with the streams, please provide the video URL you used so we can check that it’s valid. And again, when setting up and starting events, the preview window is exactly what is going to be shown on the event, so do not start your event before you see the preview video working :slight_smile:

It shows preview video but when I’m going to live page here is what I got:

Tested with Firefox and Chrome and both of them show the same.

I habe had exactly the same issue - Chew was working but the stream not showing within ; has been working but not for the last show,

There is another show without video:

Just tried again and having exactly the same issue,

Okay, so this seems to be a problem only with Stream Now events, not normal ones. As a workaround for the moment, set up normal events instead of Stream Now events and everything should work ok.

Will take a look at the problem with Stream Now events as soon as I have some spare time!

A quick heads up; found the bug, will push a fix to it probably later today.

Now that we have default video URLs and default images, I think we should deprecate Stream Now events altogether as the event creation is pretty easy. Obviously there’s still the case for DJs who want to use native Slipmat events but the upcoming native engine will hopefully fix that as well. In any case, I strongly advice using only normal scheduled events as they have all the benefits of good statistics and other features without any limitations (or bugs) of Stream Now :slight_smile:

Ok, the fix is now pushed to production. I’d appreciate if @GabeCasteel and/or @komposing could verify that this bug no longer affects Stream Now events :slight_smile:

…and also the previous statement is still very much valid; if you care at all about what you do, you should use normal events instead so you’ll get all the latest features as well :slight_smile:

I will test tonight again … have a few new tracks to mix!


One issue I found - if you use a stream url that has previously been used before the stream doesn’t start (i.e. I keep the same publish URL on for easy setup etc.)

I don’t quite get what this means. The given URL is validated by checking that it actually exists, and if it doesn’t, the form will give you an error. So if the URL works on Chew, it should work on Slipmat as well. Do you have an example URL that doesn’t work?

Heyya Uninen,

What happened was first show created on Chew with a URL of:

When I tried the next day with a new show (using the same URL above) just reported that the show had finished already - even though the stream was working at the time. I tried recreating the show but same thing repeated; so I just created a new URL in Chew and all was ok!

This URL is not a valid Chew URL as it redirects. Any valid Chew URL needs to be a live event URL with a working live video. Don’t know how Chew handles the changing events for the same URL, but I assume that there is some kind of redirecting problem or other non-standard (working) event URL.