Fixed: Facebook page won't work with artist page

It’s definitely a valid FB page for my DJ stuff, but my artist profile edit refuses to recognize it.

Facebook changed its API rules recently, it probably broke the validation. We can loosen the validation from the forms but unfortunately the statistics API needs deeper fixing :frowning:

I’ll file a ticket about this when I get back to a computer.

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Should have known it was a FB issue. haha

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I just pushed version 0.25.3 which works around the issue by removing validation from the Facebook URL. So you can now add any Facebook URL to your DJ profile but unfortunately none of the Facebook-related features (like automatic follower counting etc) which rely on the API still work.

I’m still evaluating if it’s worth to add these features back in any case as Facebook is one of the most evil things that exists and we don’t want to support that kind of shit.

Thanks. I totally understand your antipathy. Unfortunately it’s also my best method of getting the word about about DJ stuff. A simple link is fine by me, no bells and whistles needed.