Fixed: Event does not create when finished inputing data fields

Good Evening,
I am setting up a scheduled show for sunday evening. I have inputed all data fields however when i click create event nothing happens
I have tried via safari and chrome to no avail

any ideas?

The event creation form has recently had some love, there might be bugs. Can you share your video URL that you tried to use? Also, the create button is disabled when the form validation fails – was the button enabled (bright green) or disabled?

Also, a known issue with date/timepicker is that if you use a date that is too near (less than a couple of hours away), the form will not validate but it doesn’t trigger a validation error. If everything else looks good, try pushing the start time forward, see if it helps. (If it does, then we found the bug and can fix it!)

The event is set for 2000 sunday night.

When i pressed to create the button was green.

the chew url is:

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the details, I’ll look into this.

I suspect it has something to do with the Chew URL as we’ve had very few of Chew events here. I’ll try to figure out and fix this later this night!

Ok, I pushed an update to fix this. The problem was indeed related to Chew, more specifically the way we handle the event URLs. The event creation should work now.

Since the original owners sold the platform has been pump to say the least.

Chew is probably going to fade away unless they have major infrastructure change and huge cash input.

I set my shows up on all the platforms but YouTube / periscope are the most solid, never taken down or messed with. As soon as I go live through obs my YouTube channel picks it up and broadcasts, if I knew how to I would link that feed with my so I have a Steady professional feed and not have to rely on chew.

I’d push YouTube and peri and air on caution with chew as it’s flakey at best

Just my opinion


Jay McGhie

Sad to hear about Chew. Even though they are a “competitor” in some sense, I think it’s always good to have choice and at the moment the DJ community has very little choice when it comes to music-focused streaming platforms.

The Slipmat development is heavily focused around making the new native streaming engine production-ready. It has been working very well in alpha tests and when we get it to everyones hands, we are truly free of all other platforms and Slipmat DJs can have a truly independent platform for streaming. It also enables some pretty cool things like audio-only streams for mobile and automatic recording / publishing of event audio and video.

This is super easy: just take your YouTube video URL (go to the video page, copy the URL from the browser address bar) and paste it in, that’s it! :slight_smile:

Also, as a side note, remember that it’s very easy to edit and change your event details at any point before the event. And for YouTube streams, you can even change the video ID during the live event if for example your stream gets disconnected and your video ID changes. So no need to get stuck with any provider or issue, just use what works best for you.