Firefox does not show my live streaming page

Since I finished my streaming RTMP / HLS server yesterday, I decided to give it a go tonight.
Started a live stream, and on my desktop PC my own live stream in Firefox was fine.
Then I decided to check my stream on my mobile where I also use Firefox.
Turned off WiFi, and went to my livestream page.
I only got the error “Ready for awesomeness to 11” , and the page didn’t go further then that.
Then I checked the URL of the mobile version of the page… same thing.
After that I checked if the Chrome browser on my mobile would accept the livestream page.
Yes! Chrome showed my the ‘normal’ and ‘mobile’ version of the stream OK and the stream was working OK also.

Does someone know of this problem?
It cannot be my .m3u8 stream, why mobile Firefox doesn’t show me the livestream page is it?
Hope someone can help me…

Please post the public URL of your event, I can take a look at the logs.

Don’t quite get the point where you turned off your wifi? Why did you do that? You don’t expect a web page to load without a internet connection, right?

I turned off WiFi so I would connect to my mobile provider and get a fresh IP, different network, and so double check if it’s not my home network which gives the problems.

There were no server logs or other issues reported during this ~70 min window of your event, it’s probably just an issue with your local ISP.

Any reason why Firefox would not show the page (only “Ready for awesomeness to 11” ) and Chrome would show the page just fine?

Again, spotty connection from your ISP to Slipmat servers. Nothing but pure chance.

Thank you for looking into it @uninen !

Sorry… sorry… sorry…
I found the solution to the problem myself! :see_no_evil:
I had to erase all cookies, files, etc etc. in my Firefox. After that the slipmat site works as normal again in Firefox.
Stupid I didn’t think of that myself earlier.
Hope this can help others tho …