Experimental feature: native RTMP streaming

The core idea of Slipmat.io is that we don’t implement video or audio streams ourselves. But many of you, quite understandably, like the ease of use that comes with tightly integrated service, so we’re now testing an experimental feature of native RTMP streaming using new, open platform called Openstream.

To make it short: you can now stream to Slipmat.io natively using a normal RTMP stream! (To use it, select “Native” from event creation screen and you’ll find RTMP server URL and stream key from the warmup page. These will not change, so you can use the same settings every time.)

This is for the moment very much experimental feature and is currently considered in alpha status. So use it at your own risk and please don’t stream official national presidential debates with it – it’s not going to take the beatind :slight_smile:

We are calling this new streaming service Openstream. The server and technology is kindly provided by Antti aka aSa. If this is something Slippers want to use, we will invest more time to make this better and permanent part of Slipmat. Let us know what you think and your experiences down below!


I strongly asking all slippers to come back home to slipmat the rtmp setup is now available for all of us and it’s works great you don’t have to use utube or chew anymore if u don’t want to just obs and play music cheers all .


This is awesome!!!

Will definitely try this out soon!

So stupid youtube managed to f**k this for a moment.

Now, we got to be patience, and spread the word! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support Filip! :slight_smile:

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works flawless … even CPU stress was more then half as low as when i use OBS on Chew … big ups !!


I like the idea its a good thing because youtube policy is not all at the moment produced some tracks of my own and youtube blocked it because of copy right so yeah setting up rtmp stream is nice.

Openstream.live (native RTMP server) is up again and running! :slight_smile: Server located in Sweden at this time. Just tested now couple times without any problems.

I opened server again because people had some problems with youtube. It’s still good 2nd option with users who can’t get youtube work right and want to make scheduled events.

To Ville:
Is this possible to add in Slipmat? -> https://github.com/videojs/videojs-contrib-hls

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