Event image and genres problem

I can’t change event image anymore… Only if i change it to default image and remove event and then new event, then it changes. Other thing is genres, if i add multiple genres none of them wont appear on events page.

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I can’t reproduce this myself with two different accounts. I assume you’re just seeing the old cached image instead of the updated one. If you manually refresh the page after saving the new image, you should see what everyone else sees as well.

The cache issue is a valid one but not a high priority at the moment.

I assume you mean tags? Or something else?

Can’t reproduce this either. Almost all scheduled events seem to have multiple tags added. Can you give me an example of an event page that has multiple tags added but not showing up on event detail page?

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I have experienced the same problems… Image don’t change and only one genre appears on the front page (although this is probably a feature, not a bug)

So like said, the image should change after refresh, if not, then it’s a bug.

And only the main (first) tag is displayed with the event details on front page, that is indeed a documented feature. Other tags are displayed on the event detail page and also visible on tag pages when browsing the site.

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Ok, have to decide what is my main tag then :slight_smile: But yeah the image thingie worked before well but not anymore, maybe i just try to remove all caches etc from browser now. And hope server is working now better, had some problems with connecting today! Good job still, and we’ll report if there is any bugs :slight_smile:

There’s nothing changed regarding this but doing different things on the DJ admin will refresh your page automatically. I’ll stress that there is absolutely no magic or browser cache busting needed, all you need to do is hit F5 or Command-R to do a full reload of the page to get over most random issues regarding all functionality on Slipmat.

The frontend code (basically everything you see in your browser) is constantly evolving and new and old side have different codebases so having a constant and clear way to automatically ensure clean cache in all different desktop + mobile browsers is a bit of a pain to manage. But in every single page, a simple page reload will always give you a clean slate, every single time :slight_smile:

Regarding this, the main tag is the first tag you use for your event. If you play multiple genres, you can use “openformat” or any higher level tag and then put all possible subgenres or other mor spesific details you want as the additional tags.

The feature is not implemented in the frontend yet but we’re only promoting some of the most used tags for main navigation in the discover views, but every single tag yuo use can be used for finding your event and are also seen by search engines.