Ending an event failed

I was playing a set yesterday. Stopped around 19 EEST. I stopped playing, stopped streaming and ended the event with the button and option yes. The page redirected me to Login-page of the site. I logged in and checked that there was no event going on. My played event wasn’t though visible even in my event stats. I thought it had something to do with the fact that I had to relogin.

This morning I got an e-mail saying that the event has been forcefully stopped because of inactivity. I did check the front page yesterday that my event was not visible in the evening.

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Okay, that’s an interesting bug, thanks for the report! It seems that your authentication session expired mid-set, which resulted in failure when you tried to end the event and the site could not authenticate you. What happened after that was just bad cache-management.

This is definitely not a typical situation but there are few key things we can learn and fix here; firstly, event endings should always work and possible errors should be loud and logged. This time they seemingly went unnoticed and there are no extra logs. Secondly, while user sessions (logins) can expire, we should make sure they don’t do that mid-set. Thirdly, there are some caching issues we need to take a look so everyone sees the same data at all times.

Thanks a gain for the report, I’ll be making several tickets from this!

Another notice. In the middle of my set I tried to see who was listening. As I did this the box was just fetching user data, but there was no output available. Probably has something to do with this session expiration so I won’t make another issue.

Yep, this definitely had to do with the session expiration, but again, it would be good to not fail silently in these situations.

Already found a solution for a better session management, will add a fix to the next iteration :+1: