Email Profile issue


I tried to subscribe to the mailing list but receive an error that I am already on the list.
Now when I check my invite status it says “Problem” not subscribed to mail list.

So I am stuck in a loop of being subscribed but the system seems to think I am not.

how do i get this resolved without re-doing my entire profile from scratch.


Hi mate,

please dm me your email and a screenshot from that displays the problem. There’s been another problem like this, it might be a bug in our mailinglist.


  • Uninen

Thanks for your contact. Based on what you sent me, this indeed looks like a bug – I will investigate and try to fix this during the weekend :+1:

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This bug is now fixed :+1:


Hi im fairly new here and im loving this site, as it reminds me of Mixify and Unfortunately i looked for help for the e-mail issue and it led me here. I am having the same bug as this post. Should i send you (Uninen) a DM as well? thanks in advance.

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Hi @Telltalesign,

thanks for the heads up, there indeed was a related issue there, but it’s also fixed now.

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Thank you so much for that!

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