Email problem

Hey, as i read the instructions super carefully from the start and I got that I have to register for the beta with the same email that I used to register with. I did an I quadruple checked and re checked and period it is the same email bug in the Staus checking thing it says Problem…

Well as I said I used both times same email… getting mad over this because it makes me feel stupid… am I ?

I’m not sure I’m following the question. What stage are you getting stuck at? How far through the instructions have you got?

Email problem! It says my email could not be found in the and i should make shure to register the same emailadress for beta as i did for registration.

I did!!! But in the progress it says rmail problem

OK. The problem might be a manual one rather than a systemic one. I think your request has to be approved manually by the site admin. Unfortunately, he’s had to step away from the site for a while for personal reasons. I think you might just have to wait it out. Sorry.

Hi @Philipp,

please dm me the email address you’ve subscribed to the beta mailinglist and a screenshot from that displays the problem.

The email check is 100% automatic so it’s usually a case of bad documentation from our side if there are any problems. The point is: your primary email should be exactly the same as the one that you’ve subscribed to the beta mailinglist – and if it’s not, the bot displays an error.

So there indeed was a bug here. It’s now been fixed and your invite should be in your inbox! Sorry for the delay.

Thank you very mich and no problemo!