Done: Smiley's in Chat

We need Smiley’s in Chat, in my opinion.
It’s looking odd when there is just the raw text.

I have to admit, this has been historically purely from my own preferences (hence the IRC-style in general, also) but I know many prefer emoticons. Created ticket #207 from this – if we get some people voting the request, we’ll put it in the backlog! :slight_smile:

In last release we added full support for unicode characters, which means you can now use emoticons in your chat messages.

This is the first iteration and at the moment there is no separate UI for picking emoticons or autovconvertion etc but we might add that too at some point. Something related is support for Giphy-integration and custom emoticons à la Slack.

Feel free open new topics for these further requests, I’m marking this as done for now.