Done: Automagically append date to event slug if needed (Issue #177)

Dear Slipmatians,

I personally always name my events like ‘[THEME] ManiaX’.
But in the event-creater, once you type in the name of your event, it automatically creates the slug.
A slug has to be unique, this means that I can’t use (for example) ‘random-maniax’ slug twice, so what do I do?
I add the date behind the slug to make it unique.

I think it’d be nice if the slug automatically adds the date behind it IF the name is a duplicate.


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That’s a good idea!

I welcome you write a short JavaScript function does this with example data :slight_smile:

I only have good ideas @Uninen! :smiley:
But we should probably put this to a vote first.
People, please click the ‘Vote’ button :slight_smile:

In my opinion every feature someone is willing to commit in is welcome :slight_smile:

Also, in my opinion this is a bug, not a feature.

Ok I’ll create a gist when it’s ready, probably tomorrow, it’s not too hard

This actually got released already so closing the topic!