DJ's united for our NHS Bank Holiday May Charity Event

After a successful 48h mini-festival put together in less than five days, which raised more than £3500, DJ’s United in support of the NHS is back this bank holiday May for another 48h mini-festival in aid of the NSH and Veterans. All proceedings will go to the NHS.


Good work, it would be great for you help out with the Slipmat festival

I’d love to help with a Slipmat Festival. I think I saw a post earlier. Let me see if I can find it.

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Now Let’s do one to raise money for the DJ’s that’s out of work due to COVID-19

I think that’s a great idea but how do you propose that we do it? More, how to police who is truly out of work? I don’t want to sound negative but I’ve seen people taking advantage of a situation for personal gain. Also, which platform shall we use to receive money?

I very much support this idea!

My plans for upcoming Slipmat Festivals include offering paid tickets from which the profits would be split evenly between all the participating DJs. We now have the infrastructure in place to automate this via PayPal so it would be trivial to do.

I don’t think this should be an issue. Firstly, if your main source of income is live events, you have been affected. And if you have other sources of income as well, that’s all good for you but I don’t think that should restrict you from participating in an event like this. Besides, we already have DJs here who have been actively supporting Slipmat by donating their earned tips to the site so I assume many of them would want to help fellow DJs as well by not taking their cut.

We can’t do anything about the fact that there are also assholes in this world but we shouldn’t let them stop us trying to do good and help each other either.

At the moment we have working integrations with both Stripe and PayPal. Despite all of the problems with PayPal, I think that would be the safest to use as its available in more countries and its easier to get working for most DJs.

I don’t really have any strong preference to any platform and I’m happy to accept any help integrating more alternatives but especially in situations like these practicality should beat purity.

On extra thing that we should probably figure out before planning anything bigger than evening with few DJs is that Slipmat currently doesn’t have any official non-profit status or anything like that so I’d be very happy to switch out the account details for any organization that 1) everyone would be okay to leave the money handling with (via whatever payment processor we use) and 2) would be able to manage all the required paperwork etc.

I’m totally new to these kind of things and I’m not at all wanting any responsibility whatsoever of any bigger sums of other peoples money and would happily delegate that part to any organization that would be willing to help. Again, just saying this out loud in advance because this is 100% out of my area of knowledge and something that I definitely do not want to handle personally myself.

(In practise this would just mean changing just a set os API keys in the code so it’s super simple to do.)

@uninen, let me look into that.

So guys, I’m playing Friday 8th May from 11pm to midnight. I’ll be streaming to both (for the official DJs united stream) and to 1h of pure groove. Can’t wait.