DJ feedback wanted: Show Script Building tool

Hello Slipmat DJs!

I’ve been involved in various radio shows for several years now and one thing I’ve noticed about shows that are run without a full-blown radio scheduling software need lots of manual work to put together, especially if you work with a team.

So, as I had a couple of free evenings this weekend I put together this demo of an idea of a new tool:

The idea here is that instead of drafring your show n Google Docs or a similar tool, you would do it with this tool (being able to work in real time with multiple people and having integrated Slipmat chat open in the same window) and during the show you could use the same tool for things like “now playing”, tweeting, storing any personal show notes, and exporting the final track list etc.

There’s a lot of potential ideas here to explore, but for now I’d like to hear any comments and suggestions from our DJs who currently write their show notes in a text file or similar tool.

What kind of things would be helpful in a tool like this? What is missing now / what is slow/hard in your current workflow? Any feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:


(Note: this is just a very fast static demo at the moment, it’s not supposed to work 100% or to be particularly useful as is. It’s just for demoing and exploring the idea.)

Looks promising! Looking forward to give it a try. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to import as .txt or .csv file with a text playlist? Or, even better, import a .m3u playlist?

My current process is…

  1. Stick tracks in to Mixmeister (for mix sets) and Virtual DJ.
  2. Export .m3u from MisMeister and Virtual DJ
  3. Use MP3tag to convert each .m3u (usually 3 per show, 2 mixes and everything else from VDJ) in to .txt
  4. Cut & Paste from the .txt files in to a Google Spreadsheet.

So if I could import the .txt or .m3u or C&P from the .txt files (the same way you can with Mixcloud playlists) that would be superb.


Sure! Could you send me one playlist as an example so I can try to parse it?

…and you use this spreadsheet to collect your shownotes and links and stuff, right?

Would this work better if you could just take those m3us and put them right in the script building tool? Is there something else that is outside of Google sheets or elsewhere in your workflow?