DJ Admin Page Gone

Tried multiple browsers, flushed cache, signed in and out and now DJ Dashboard page has gone?


Hi @MikeWest

You managed to delete your DJ Profile somehow. I’ll restore/recreate it and email you when it works. Please don’t delete anything else if you want to keep your data :slight_smile:

Thanks Uninen, much appreciated!

Morning, mate!

Didn’t find your email from the invitation beta list so I couldn’t recreate the profile. I’m off for triathlon training, I’ll be back some time afternoon, will get your invite and profile set up after that.

Sorry for the troubles, we’ve not been keeping the old platform in form as all the work is now focused on the new v3 site which hopefully will be opening for DJs in a couple of weeks. All active subscribers are getting a LIFETIME special membership to the new services, looking forward to getting rid of all these problems!


- VS // Uninen

Hi Uninen, many thanks, I have registered the email, its the original one which is also subscribed to the beta list, good luck with the training!

Many thanks

Sorry again for the troubles. I see the data seems to be now in place, I’ll create your profile with temp data and restore your Frankie details. It shouldn’t take too long now, will dm you back in a bit.

Thanks Uninen, you are a Star!

Okay, created you a fresh profile with dummy data and connected it to the Frankie details.

I had to reset your Frankie streaming key, just use the new one from now on.

You should go to your DJ Dashboard and edit your profile to put all your correct data back in here →

I had to do this fully manually which is not something that we’re supposed to do so there might be something I got wrong or forgot, so if you have any problems with the profile just ping me here and I’ll check it out.

Many thanks, much appreciated Uninen! I was called out tonight with work and just got back so I try and schedule a show for tomorrow evening! All the best, Mike :+1: