Discogs turns 20 - what's your most memorable Discogs purchase?

I’m feeling really old thinking about Discogs being 20 years old. There have been probably gazillion of recordings sold through the marketplace even though it’s been around “only” 15 ears. My most memorable moments with Discogs have been the countless nights when I’ve been hunting a one specific version of some oldskool tune that only was released on the b-side of some single, and then finding it on sale for 60c for the whole CD.

I’m dying to hear, dhat’s your most memorable Discogs purchase?


Let me start. I got this CD single for like two euros or something. The postage cost me many times more. This was also one of my first Discogs purchases and I remember how super excited I was when first ripping this to my collection :slight_smile: Music <2

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Though I haven’t been using Discogs for too long, my most memorable purchase was when this record by Deepsmith & Hush Hush was being scalped big time on the market. Suddenly, a record store in Chicago came in clutch with a bunch of copies of the record for retail price. So sick.



Far too much money spent via this site! @peach will be able to join in this conversation!

My best memory of discogs is selling an album for £200 that I got given as a promo!

How do I tag Peter Willoughby? @MAXIMUS will have some discogs stories!

@Modernsoul here you go Pete found you, any comments on discogs?

Wow, that’s pretty good! Almost all promos I’ve got have ended up in a bin :sweat_smile: (At some point I found it funny to send them as gifts to my radio show listeners but later I deemed it to be cruel. Who would ever want to listen to that garbage :joy: :joy:)

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Manu Dibango
Goro City
Reggae Makosa

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