Development Notes for Week 33/2016

Good Hello Slippers! Time for the weekly development report. Focus is now on the community. We now have 100% more moderation power as Jurgen and Martijn have accepted my invitation to help. Me (DJ Uninen), Antti (DJ aSa), Jurgen (Strobi-wan) and Martijn (Tijn) have now moderation control in this group and on the site. My sincerest Thank You for the help!

We also have 14 people signed up for community team members – welcome everyone!

This Backstage forum, our new home for mostly everything community, development and discussion-related, has slowly started to come alive and I encourage every one of you to check it out and step up for help if you want to help the community grow. Right now the most help would be to move discussion (also old texts and discussions as new topics on Backstage) from the closed DJ Facebook group to here and start using this as our main communication channel.

Backstage is not linked on the main site yet because it’s still not ready and we need more content and structure. You can help if you want - just step forward and start working! It’s now doing instead of just saying that you want to do, so start doing! :slight_smile: If you’re unsure of where to start, just ask.

Edit: adding some technical notes here also: during the week I also added better error reporting tools and they have found to be VERY effective on providing me lots of information about bugs and software errors on the site. The bad is that there’s no a ton of automated error reports, the good is that every report has useful data for trying to locate and fix the problem. Relating to this, the nasty chat PM bug has finally been reproduced in development server, but unfortunately haven’t been able to find a cure for it yet. But its now possible to do that as it has been identified!

Lastly, I’m verry sorry to report that there now has been another reported situation of harassment on the site. I heard about this today and I’m in process of going trough the event chat logs (which events is at the moment still not known) and after that discussing with the individuals in question. I remind everyone that we have very clear Code of Conduct and Community Diversity Statement documents in place and everyone should not only follow them but remind everyone to do so also and report any bad behaviour by emailing the team at I personally take these issues very seriously and repeated offenders will be banned from the site permanently. Remember also that all DJs should lead by example – be very sensitive and mindful of your and others behaviour.

Knowing how the Mixify community was born, grown and matured, I know that we will have some clashes of egos and other issues along the way but as a community we should act on these immediately and learn how to behave like adults. Slipmat is a welcoming home for everyone and bad behaviour is just not accepted from anyone.


Ville // DJ Uninen