Development notes 45/2016

Goood Monday, Slippers! :slight_smile: Slipmat had lots of improvements and bugfixes last week, some shown here in the short video. Thank You everyone for your help – hope to see more of you on the site this week :slight_smile:

Full release notes for week 45:

New feature: When the live tab is in the background, unread message count is updated to tab name (like with Facebook messenger). This helps you to keep up with the conversation when the event tab is not active.

Enhancement: rich link embeds have been fully redesigned. Links from Facebook, Hearthis, Instagram, Mixcloud and SoundCloud are recognised, and most sites now show profile pages as well. Images are automatically fetched from plain image links, Imgur and Tinypic. There is now a powerful framework in place to extend the embed support even more so please feel free to suggest more sites for automatic embeds!

Enhancement: Getting started page and new DJ emails have been updated to reflect current status of streaming at Slipmat. (For example that you no longer have to use YouTube if you don’t want to.)

Enhancement: main server operating system was upgraded to latest version. It will now serve us all the way to 2018.

Bugfix: chat private messages now open tabs in background. Thanks Jurgen Stroobants for reporting the issue.

Bugfix: volume setting persists now when live page is loaded or opened in new tab. No more constant twiddling around with the volume control! :slight_smile:

Thats all for this time. This week is going to focus even more on usability issues and a couple of new DJ-related features.

See you on the site – happy streamings!

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Hi there Uninen i streamed using the rtmp everthing worked no issues for me, i also recieved stream via ios mobiles with no issues .