Confirmed: username disappears from listeners list after 20 minutes of inactivity

Last few sets I sat in on, I have noticed myself disappearing from the listeners in the room, but still have full video & audio, Seen a few members type in chat, yet not be active in the listeners bar. Ghosting something to look out for ?

Same issue here Beakon. Showed only 4 listeners, but then someone not included in the list of “4 users” was able to use the chat feature.

This is a “feature” of the chat session system. The way the sessions work is that users activity time is reset every time she posts a chat message or activates the window (for example switching tab and then switching back). If the user is idle for a long period of time (I believe its currently 20 minutes) she is dropped from the active users list and also from the autocompletion nick list (so you cant tab-complete that nick anymore).

For a DJ this is definitely a bug. But for others, I’m not sure if we want to keep idling users on the list. Or maybe separate idlers to “inactive” or “idle” list?

When you have been dropped from the active list, you’ll get pushed back in as soon as you post a first message to the chat. (The active users list might take a few seconds to update for everyone, though.)

Indeed, maybe we need to vote it first. Well, it can be a bit low priority “feature” at the moment, but mostly user-friendly solution will be[IMHO] to assign different nickname color(i.e. grey) for “idlers”(it’s should return to origin color after user becomes active) and(i.e. gold) for event DJ.

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I like the color idea.

I like the idea of either droping inactive people from the list or putting them into a diffraent list. Either way sounds like a nice feature to me!

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Have been going trough old unresolved issues while preparing the megaupdate and created now a ticket for this as I think current functionality is suboptimal. We’ll get this fixed in some future sprint as Ticket #209 :slight_smile:

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A small update: this is partially fixed with Beta 21 that was released today and will be fully fixed when we get the new streaming engine fully integrated, hopefully in few weeks time.