Confirmed: Scheduled time showing up wrong

I just schedueld my first public show for 3:30 PM New York time and your sytem says it is starting at 8:30 my time.

it also did not start on time.

There must be timezone bug in this system now. Its okay to set event any time. You only need to start event when you are ready to play. Even it’s showing wrong time in mainpage it will work well when you’ll start event.


Have you checked your current timezone?

Could you provide a link to the event that had this problem? Also,what is your local timezone and is it correctly set in your profile?

I am also experiencing this issue - I worked out that I have to schedule the show in Finland’s timezone (Eastern European Summer Time), not mine (Central Daylight Time), and I have been able to get the time to show correctly on the main page (, but not on my show’s page ( Screen captures attached.

I’ll take a look at this today, there’s probably an issue with the new event setup form.

The idea of using time zones in the first place is to combat this exact problem of having to know (or understand) different time zones and let the computer worry about it in the background :slight_smile:

Two things to workaround this for the time being:

  1. You can schedule your event at any time in the future, as long as it’s enough (over 30 mins) in the future
  2. You can start your show at any time, there is no restrictions or connection to the scheduled time. So even if you schedule your event to a week from today, you can start it immediately, there are no limitations on the actual starting time.

Thank you! Originally I had scheduled my show for MY time zone - 13th September at 19:00 - but the system cancelled my show and sent me a message stating that I hadn’t started a show that I had scheduled.

GREETINGS! It looks like time is now showing correctly - BUT I noticed that the timezones in the United States are not quite correct! The Central Daylight Time zone (America/Chicago) is actually GMT-6, not GMT-5, for example.

I will check the other US timezones and post here if those need adjusting as well - thank you for everything you do! Kiitos!

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Yes, there ar 4 time zones in the US