Confirmed: Mobile App - Stream doesn't show up

As I was trying to open my own show with mobile app the stream wouldn’t come up. After lots of reloads the stream window finally was available on the page. Using the newest Chrome on Android. With another phone with the same setup and stream three reloads were needed and with other about seven. Now it’s working but I haven’t reloaded after I got it working.

Thanks for the report. And yes, there’s a problem with the video initialization on some sources. It’s also a weird issue as it doesn’t leave any errors or even debud statements to any logs we collect :confused:

I’ve pushed a fix today for Slipmat Native Streaming Engine spesifically for iOS devices, but I’m sure there is more broader problems here than the ones fixed today.

Problem is, testing mobile devices is quite tricky and I’m not a mobile developer and I don’t even own an Android device so it’s not going to be very fast path to fix these issues if we don’t find help in both testing and developing the new app :slight_smile: