Chat Members Names Visible In Addition to Avatars

Is it possible that the names of logged-in viewers/chatters could appear on at least the event host’s view of a live event, in addition to each viewer’s/chatter’s avatar? It would be very helpful for audience interaction to be able to give shouts out without having to click/tap each avatar to view the individual’s name/handle. Thank you!

Yes! This is already implemented on the new live UI which is available for all native (non-YouTube) events at

The new user list view has two different modes, avatar mode and text mode where the latter one displays all names as well. The plan is to add additional details like Country/City (+map view!) etc to the list view as well. The new UI is currently very much in development but it’s getting more mature with each release :slight_smile:

(The old live page is not being developed anymore, we plan to jump to the new fresh UI as soon as we get all old features ported there. The new page is almost 70% ligter, faster and built with more modern tools so its easier to develop further as well :slight_smile: )

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Fantastic! Thank you!

I don’t seem to be able to find a way to toggle a text mode; I seem to only have avatar mode. I’m viewing shows via, but there’s just an avatar mode. Is there a secret trick to unlocking text mode?

The user list was temporarily removed a couple of releases back but will make a comeback very soon, possibly this week! :slight_smile:

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Got this finished today, will be online later this week (with some extra goodies!) :slight_smile:




This is now live – with our Halloween theme! :slight_smile:

…and a bunch of other fixed and new features that I’ll document soon.


The list view is fantastic. The theming is superb. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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