Chat functions within the event

Hello all - has anyone looked at the chat functionality and collecting this for chat merge with other platforms (facebook comments etc.) - Not sure if there is an API for this ? @uninen

There is an API for that but as dividing your audience in walled silos isn’t a very friendly thing to do, this feature hasn’t ever been a very high priority.

I would suggest encouraging your listeners to hop on to Slipmat for way better audio quality and more friendly and safe (in the sense of not spying on you and selling your data) platform to enjoy music :slight_smile:

Still, this isn’t that hard to do and already doable with our API if someone wants to contribute.

PS. Please stop pinging me on posts here on Backstage.


Totally agree on the event chat being on slipmat - the only feedback I has was that listeners directed towards the site from Facebook were mentioning that you had to register? I’m not sure this is the case but might need to make it more clear about how this appears to an end user?

The question was more to have it hosted as a replica on our own website to manage the several silo’s in one place to avoid several windows open (as using which does not have the chat integration for slipmat); we wanted to use the embed function into OBS stream in the same way as we can for other chat platforms.

Have approached about a native integration for streaming - or are you keeping it a little more closed door???

Unlike FB, you can use Slipmat anonymously as well. If you want to participate to chat, then you need to register - just like on FB and everywhere else. You can easily test how things work by visiting your event with a new browser window with private mode turned on.

Video overlays (starting with event chat and avatar list) are something that we’ve been developing past couple of weeks and should have online by the end of the week. More about those in a separate announcement soon.

Restream or any other forwarding service does not have anything to do with Slipmat. We do have open APIs and everything is open to integration but there’s little point in building anything to third-parties yet as we are in private beta and all our internal APIs are constantly in flux.

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