Change Avatar Icon for backstage?

Is there a way to change what my icon image is here on backstage? It’s (currently) a pic from an old website of mine (for some reason … i never set it that way). I;ve looked all over and can’t seem to find a way to edit it anywhere. I can edit my listener one and my DJ one just fine … but this one I can’t seem to.

Not really sure about this but I bet that avatar comes from

Backstage is a Discourse instance, you might find some more information or help from their community if it helps:

Backstage fetches all user (listener profile) data from Slipmat database during login so logging out and then logging back in (to Backstage) usually fixes these kind of problems but again, this is more a Discourse than Slipmat thing.

I was reading a bit of this avatar issue. works only with version 2.1.0 of Discourse or never. Not sure which version we are running in here or which is newest stable version. At August 2.1.0 was still in beta stage. It can also take days to update the avatar from I tried and nothing happened… yet. Let’s see will it change in few days.

I also noticed if you are using google account with discourse, then it will automatically use your google account avatar (not sure will it work in backstage, but in it works) . I believe it is same with all accounts from different platforms (facebook account uses your FB profile picture etc.) what you can use to sign up to But if you are using only your email address to register to discourse with out any accounts linked to it then the only way to get avatar changed by yourself is and it works only with discourse version 2.1.0 or newer. It should be possible to build some kind of avatar change script here, but I’m not sure is it worth of coding.

I believe @uninen might know which version we are running at backstage. It would be nice to show my beatiful face for everyone. Haha… Or I’m totally out and don’t really know anything how this works. This was mostly just guessing.

EDIT: forgot to mention that if you have used same email address to sign in to wordpress, it is possible that discourse uses pictures from there. No idea how it decides which image it wants to use. Just interesting that my avatar is still just basic letter, even I have used same email address in wordpress…

EDIT 2: picture I uploaded to is now visible on my wordpress account, but not in here. I believe we might be running too old version of discourse to work with to get to work with it. @uninen when you have time could you check this. No need to hurry :upside_down_face:

EDIT 3: Just wondering is the site setting “automatically download gravatars” enabled?