Can't access show that I've set up for friday

I can’t access my next live event, both this and my dj profile have had a back slash added in the URL between m and a in marky.

Any ideas anyone?


Hi mate,

this was a bug in the server configuration, had nothing to do with your profile or event. (The Web server erroneously rewrote all /m(*) URLs instead of /m/(*) URLs to a different location.) Sorry about the mishap, it’s fixed now.

(Note: Due to browser caching and the way Interkwebs work these days, you might need to clear your browser cache to get the original URLs working for yourself as your browser still probably remembers the
broken redirection.)

Here’s cache-busted working URLs:

Looking forward for some northern soul tomorrow!11 :fire: :fire: :fire:

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That’s great thanks for your help.