Bugs noticed after last big update

During the few last weekends quite many people have had some issues with streams. I have listed some issues which showed up after “security update”:

  1. After artist/DJ starts the event, event page does not automatically update for listeners from starting mode to live mode. listeners have to refresh the page manually to move themselfs to live mode.

  2. Event redirection or ending event does not work properly. When you end your event, listeners will not be redirected to the front page or to the next event where the redirection has been set. Listeners are staying in the event which has been ended already and when you refresh the page you will be redirected to the front page, not to the next event even if the redirection has been set up.

  3. Some people had login problems and I heard of couple members who had forgotten their password were not able to get reply email from “reset your password” page.

These issues has been detected with Firefox and Chrome browsers, even both browsers were cleaned up totally.


I somehow totally missed this post, sorry about that. Probably read it at a weird time and then just forgot all about it :sweat_smile:

Points 1 and 2 were caused by recent upgrades to our backend services and they’ve been fixed since.

Point 3 relates to Changes to Slipmat login / authentication and fixes are described there. Currently all automatic fixes are in place but if for some reason a manual fix is needed, the steps are clearly laid out in the post. Feel free to add more info in the comments for other platforms / browsers.

What comes to password reset emails, that’s a very hard problem that I’ve talked a bout here in length many times. The gist of the matter is that we use third-party email services that sometimes get blocked or eaten by spam filters. Dedicated services cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per month and we don’t just have money for that.

Every Slipmat user can help with this issue by making sure that your own email address is correct in your listener profile, that your backstage profile notification settings are tweaked as quiet as you want them to be and never, ever marking any Slipmat emails as spam. And, if they are marked as spam, unmark them manually to teach the filters. Slipmat does not send any uninvited emails, never, so just make sure your settings are correct.

Finally, if there are any issues that a user doesn’t know how to solve, you can suggest them to email slipmat@slipmat.io or to purchase a commercial support ticket by messaging me or emailing to that address.

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