Broadcast quality


Can you give me the max Broadcast quality of your rtmp server?

Please like type example 1280x720@2000,96


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For Frankie the trial version, you can find all the details here: Configuring Frankie - the Slipmat Native Video Encoder

So your video bitrate would be 2500 and audio 256 or 320 depending what you want to send.

There’s also in-depth guide available: Slipmat Native Video Encoder In Depth Guide

Okay Thanks,

So it must be: 1280x720 @ 2500,320

I only don’t understand the steam url …
I use:

In the document: slipmat-native-video-encoder-in-depth-guide states:
rtmp: // or
rtmp: // etc

What will my URL look like?
I just dont get this part of the: slipmat-native-video-encoder-in-depth-guide


There are multiple different encoders, and the free trial version of the Frankie encoder URL is given to you in your DJ dashboard stream key settings page, use that.

If you don’t understand the deeper details, you don’t need to. If you need to, then read more and you’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Also, don’t confuse the streaming URL (which is for your streaming software, starts with rtmp://) with your video URL (which is for the event form, starts with https://).


In your doc is:

Your stream must use following settings:

  • Audio:
    • format: AAC
    • bitrate: 256 or 320 Kbps
    • sample rate 44100
  • Video:
    • resolution: 1280x720 px
    • bitrate 2500 Kbps,
    • framerate: 30
    • keyframe interval: 2 s

But the video player on is max 2056Kbps.
I have after 11 sec a freeze frame for 1 sec, and again, again…
after about 24 minutes the broadcast stops.

it’s with Virtual DJ but on 1280x720@2500,320 this is your specs.
OBS i dont get to work on a MackBook Pro from 2019 withe Virtual DJ.

Oh… just read…


The starter plan is 9 € /month. You get:

  • Technical support via a private Backstage group
  • 720p / 3M video, 320 audio
  • Automatic audio recordings of all sets (capped at 2h)
  • Podcast feed from event recordings

That means 1280x720@3000,320 ???

What if i what to update to: Superstar
Is that possible?
Than i can have: 1920x1080@5000,320 ???
Also… is than the problem gone with the freeze frame???

Please give some advice.


By freeze frame you mean that your video stops, or what? It might be related to the keyframe interval. Make sure that your encoder sends keyframe every 2s and your video should be ok.

We’ve been testing the Frankie for a long time and only real video issues we’ve ever had are all due to the originating encoder settings.

If something happens to the Frankie instance that you are using, you can just stop the stream (not event but stream from your encoding software) for about 10 secs and then start it again to force a new Frankie instance to spin up.

Upgrading and downgrading will be possible soon after this earlybird-period when we launch the proper subscription handling page for DJs.

Whatever the problem is with your video, changing the resolution probably won’t fix it but instead make it worse. You should run a couple of (private!) test events with different settings and see what works best for you.

If the problem persists, post detailed debugging information here on Backstage with your settings, encoder software you’re using, your available Internet bandwith (for example result page from here: ) and detailed explanation of the actual problem.

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