Basic info for DJs about first ever Slipmat Festival

Good hello Slipmat DJs!

Our festival planning team has decided about some of the basic things to get the ball rolling. Here’s the gist of it:

  • When: the festival will take place in two weeks between May 8-9
  • Who: the planning team will pick around 20-30 DJs to represent Slipmat based on the voting but also taking timezones and musical things into consideration. The voting ends on Sunday, we’ll make our decisions immediately after that and will invite and inform DJs starting on Monday 27th.
  • What: each invited DJ will get a slot of 60 minutes to play whatever they like. There will be just one track (“stage”) and we won’t be limiting any musical choices but we ask the DJs to consider the audience and try to prepare a set that would bring something unique and interesting to the audience instead of every set being filled with the same bangers :slight_smile:

We will be contacting all DJs through Backstage messages so please make sure your Backstage email and notification preferences are set correctly so that you won’t miss anything. Due to the tight timelines we don’t have the time to wait replies from DJs very long so all quiet ones will get replaced pretty soon. In other words, read your Backstage messages on Monday! :slight_smile:

More info along with marketing material and such will follow soon. Stay tuned!


Looking foward to this :¬) Should be good for bringing new listeners to the site if was all jointly promote it and for introducing our existing listeners to new DJs on here.


This is awesome, I would like to be part if it.


@RiskyGeorge Noted.

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Congrats to all who made the top 30 slots! I will be there supporting :+1:t5:


congrats to all