BandLab Live is taking over

Bandlablive is taking over which is one of the slipmat stream options.
How will this affect slipmat users/testers?

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In September, BandLab Technologies will launch livestreaming services into BandLab as “BandLab Live”. This means Chew.TV will no longer be maintained as a separate streaming platform. Chew has been part of the BandLab family since 2017.

Users will be able to continue streaming their DJ sets as part of the community of 9+ million musicians and music lovers on BandLab.

All Chew archives and completed user streams will be deleted by 16 September 2019. After this date, Chew.TV servers will be cleared and users will no longer be able to access their archives or completed streams.

Chew shutting down is quite unfortunate as it was the only serious alternative to Slipmat I know that was truly developed for DJs. This does not affect Slipmat in any way, other that maybe we have now more DJs coming in – who we all welcome to the community with open arms! :slight_smile:

We have an active development plan which moves on like it has so far. The summer months were slow development-wise because my personal commitments and due to low participation from other members of the community. Now that the everyday life is slowly starting again, I believe things will get rolling a bit faster in near future :slight_smile:

It’s hard for me to do absolutely everything so community help from all members is very welcome. Helping newcomers here by tutoring and answering questions is a great place to start and all feedback and bug reports about the current features are very welcome. And new DJs interested in joining the Slipmat family, you should start here: How to Get a Beta DJ Invitation


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I thought it was part of the slipmat technical environment. I misinterpeted somwthing I read .

Chew video has been an option for Slipmat streams, yes, and you obviously cannot use them after Chew shuts down, but it has absolutely zero effect on anything here on Slipmat, so no need to worry about that :slight_smile:

I recommend checking out our new native streams instead - the new engine has been working extremely well and with it you also get the native mobile app as well! :slight_smile:

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AH! for some reason I thought it was part ot the stream architecture. I misunderstood soemthign iread. Thanks for the clarification. I am getting my mixer/audio interface back tomorrow and will try my first full stream. Thanks for the opportunity to test Slipmat.